Halloween Cupcakes 2018

Available Friday 26th October to Wednesday 31st October 2018.

Double, double, toil and trouble… Our Halloween treats will prove to be fiendish delights. Whether you have a trick up your sleeve or a treat to offer your friends, we have everything you need to make your Halloween positively frightening. So, run and don’t walk and get your box today because something wicked this way comes.

  • £33.00

    Spider's Web Layer Cake

    Don’t be caught in the web of our positively spooky layer cake, with a rich chocolate sponge filled with sweet marshmallow fluff and covered with our classic vanilla buttercream.
  • £21.00

    Halloween Trick & Treat Box

    Good or bad? Trick or Treat? We have both sides covered in this gift box… So why not offer a delicious treat to a friend and a devious delight to another?
  • £21.00

    Halloween Trick Box

    Careful, these cupcakes may bite back. Our Trick box is perfect for those who are up to wicked deeds this Halloween.
  • £21.00

    Halloween Treat Box

    So sweet, these cupcakes will make your teeth ache! Indulge in our Treat box for those who have more good deeds planned this Halloween.
  • £3.50


    A truly decadent Oreo & chocolate cheesecake, with a delicious chocolate buttercream… Careful this one may bite back!
  • £3.50


    A sweet treat of a golden Oreo cheesecake topped off with our deliciously sweet vanilla buttercream. So sweet it’ll make your teeth ache!
  • £3.50

    Devil's Food

    A devilishly divine black velvet sponge filled with our Belgian chocolate ganache and topped with a fiery red meringue… A wicked treat!
  • £3.50

    Angel Delight

    An angelic pairing of vanilla sponge and our divine white chocolate ganache, rounded off with a halo of pure white meringue… It’s too good to be bad!
  • £3.50

    Poisoned Apple

    A deadly concoction of a vanilla sponge, an oozing green custard rounded off with a sickly sweet vanilla buttercream... Spooky!
  • £3.50

    Candy Apple

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away and this little goodie, will surely help! A gluten free apple sponge filled with a creamy custard and rounded off with a sweet vanilla buttercream... Yum!

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